Leadership and Respect

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We are different aspiring leaders from all over the world. We are all here with on vision, to change our countries and to change the world in some way. We should consider the fact that that with the different fellows and attache’s, comes different cultures, religious backgrounds, values and perceptions. While we are going to work together in one group or subgroups, we will discover new things from each other, Some behaviors might be annoying, while others will be funny. The point is that we all need one thing: RESPECT! It means that you must treat other people with dignity, motivate them and practice good listening skills, because everybody has an idea that can contribute to a project. Just because someone is from a “poor” country or doesn’t look as if he knows much, doesn’t mean that he does not have a good idea. People make mistakes of looking down at others because they are different. This not only pushes down the other person’s self-esteem, but also causes him to be silent most of the time. As a result, A group can loose out on succeeding in a project. Here is an example of people who want to help with changing situations, but underestimating other people:


As you have noticed, Cathy had no respect for the headman, although she claimed to work on a project that will help the village. She had no interest in the ideas of the headman, or what he wanted to tell her about the real situation in the village. Everything had to be done according to her opinion because she comes from the “developed world”. You will also notice that the headman treated her with respect when they started with the conversation, but later became so frustrated that he even started using bad language. The point of that?:RESPECT IS EARNED! If you don’t respect others, they won’t respect you and you won’t succeed with your vision…

About Taati

My name is Taati Niilenge from Namibia. I am a reporter, working for the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation. I am currently studying at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism as a Humphrey Fellow. I plan to make the most of this experience and take a lot of knowledge to my country, especially with regard to Social Media. i do not know a lot right now, but I AM PLANNING TO SUCCEED!

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