The graduation dance.

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As we wrap up our last class of the semester, every fellow and attaché talked about their own leadership style and what we all have learned from this class throughout the year. It is sad to think that our time together is finally coming to an end, but all the laughs and memories will be remembered.

To sum up what my leadership style is and what I’ve learned this semester, I had always thought to be a leader, I had to be a charismatic, take charge type of person — which I am not. Prior to this class, I thought I was more of a follower than a leader. But from reading leadership books, blogging about leadership styles and leadership lessons, and my work on the legacy project, I learned that leaders can be found everywhere. Anybody can be a leader. Now that was news to me. I also learned that to be a good leader, I don’t necessarily have to possess all the “right” traits. I learned that I have to know my strengths and weaknesses, and from there, work on improving and facing my weaknesses.

To finish up, I am going to miss everyone in this class. I have learned so much in just a few short months and  for my own selfish reasons, wish that none of the fellows have to return back home. May I suggest class trips to visit the fellows?

Now finally, the videos everyone is waiting for: the links to Eric’s graduation dance.

Graduation Dance Part 1

Graduation Dance Part 2

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