How we took a break from our online life and worked in the garden

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Because of the coronavirus not many organizations in Phoenix offer the opportunities to volunteer in person. We were lucky to arrange our volunteer experience with St. Vincent de Paul Urban Farm. It was great to escape for several hours from our “online life” (most of our classes and meetings are remote due to the pandemic), so we were really looking forward to working outside.

The mission of the farm is to grow healthy food and to give it away to homeless people and to low-income families. Other Humphrey fellows and I were working in the garden from the early morning. We felt safe in the farm, as there was a lot of room and it was easy to practice social distancing. Our assignment was to cut broccoli and kale leaves. The staff was very welcoming and explained everything to us. To be honest, it was my first time working in the garden and I enjoyed it.

It also provided an opportunity to get to know other people, who were volunteering at the garden. We met two young girls, who were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and it was interesting to learn about their choice and their beliefs.

We had a really wonderful time at the farm, and it was great to realize that our small efforts could help to feed somebody.