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During our Humphrey year at the Cronkite School, there are several occasions for the community to meet us. We deliver public speeches, attend and host events. Some of the major events of the year listed below but remember that there is always more than those:

  • Welcome Reception: Every year, a welcome reception is held in September to welcome and introduce the fellows to the school and the community. This year’s welcome reception will be held September 14, 2022 at 4:30 p.m. Check back later for more details about attending online.
  • Cronkite Global Conversations: A series of discussions about media and communications practices overseas take place every spring at the Cronkite School. Check back later for more details.
  • Graduation Reception: We celebrate the completion of our 10-month fellowship program at the Cronkite School with a graduation ceremony and share our reflections. Check back later for more details.

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