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The role of the media in the peacebuilding


by Ivana Braga Friday 11 October, the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize will be announced. I’m wondering what are the chances of a journalist to be awarded? Usually when we ask about the media’s… Continue reading

Indira Gandhi: from dumb doll to Goddess


“She could be a very good leader for her people, her country, not for us. She destroyed us”, Wahida Ifat, nonprofit professional from Bangladesh (W. Ifat, personal communication, October13, 2013). This comment about… Continue reading

Syrian conflict exposes a world lack of trust on leaders


By Ivana Braga The two-year Syrian civil war has become a war of world leadership. In the international arena, representatives of several countries have played a role to find the best way to solve… Continue reading

Let me introduce myself: Ivana Braga


I’m from Brazil. I’m a journalist and I used to work in news media, but I decided to use my communications skills to uphold human rights. For the last eight years I’ve been… Continue reading

The dream is still a dream 50 years later


by Ivana Braga – Twitter @ivabraga In 2013, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech “I have a dream”. The remarkable March on Washington for Jobs, Justice and… Continue reading

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