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The weakness of Charismatic Leadership


Too big to fail by Andrew Sorkin   Source: Amazon The fall of Lehman brother is a good case to reexamine what is the best leadership for modern society. As the CEO of Lehman… Continue reading

How Merkel redefine the leadership?


By Xiaofeng Fangwen and Kazi Angela Merkel, currently the longest-serving leader in Europe, won a fourth term as German chancellor. Her longevity in power has helped her cement her leadership beyond Europe. Among… Continue reading

Networking with Alumni—A good way for career promotion


Alumni association is an immense network of professional contacts. This also applies to Humphrey Fellowship program. Global leadership Forum provides us a good platform to connect with former fellows. What can we learn… Continue reading

When Seeming is Believing—-the Dilemma of Ethic Codes in Journalism


The Ethical Journalism Graphic Journalism is the first rough draft of the history as stated by Philip Graham. The way we practice journalism, namely ethic code, imposes significant impacts on our society. However,… Continue reading

Rebrand Yourself in a Globalised Era


The world is flat, as stated by Thomas Friedman. What Friedman means by flat is connected. Today, this trend goes even further. The lowering of political barriers accompanying with digital technology revolution has… Continue reading

How Should the World Solve Terrorism? An old phenomenon within new context


The years are rolling on. It’s been 16 years since al-Qaeda launched the deadliest terrorist attack in the U.S., killing 3000 people. Since then terrorism has not only continued to haunt the U.S.… Continue reading

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