I want my childhood back

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Today I was talking to my nephews and niece in Pakistan on skype.The first thing they showed me was the feeders and toffees they bought.Then afterwards my youngest nephew who is just a year old and does not know how to talk but started imitating his siblings.He also wanted to show me what he had so he showed his pamper as he thought I would like the pamper as much as I did the stuff shown by his siblings.For the moment I just laughed at his action and then I realized how he was doing such things which have no meanings for me but I could just laugh at them for time being.
I started to compare my life with the life of my nephew who was looking at me and trying to prove himself very smart with his little actions.
I envied his age and just wished that I wanted my childhood back.

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3 Comments on “I want my childhood back”

  1. I bet you were in a hurry to grow up, when you were that age, ha? Now you want to reverse time. Don’t worry, we have all gone though that. I would love to go back to being a child too…

  2. I know! When you are young all you want to do is grow up but now that it has happened all I do is envy the carelessness and innocence of my younger cousins. If only we could have that appreciation for that time in our lives at that time.

  3. Great post, Lubna! I know that every time I talk with my niece and nephew I’m always reminded of the simple things in life (laughter, a smile, a sweet story). As I grow older, one thing I’m learning is that true joy (and incredible blessings) can come from the simplist of things.

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