The college football phenomenon explained

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Today marks the beginning of a season that may be just as important as the climate seasons: college football. Now for someone who has just moved the United States, this may seem like a silly thing for people to care about. However, for some people here in the United States, college football is as important to them as religion, they are just switching their Sunday mornings for Saturday afternoons. This religion just happens to create anything from $29,587,236  of revenue for Arizona State to $82 million for University of Texas.

Let me give an example of how serious college football can get. There is an infamous rivalry between University of Alabama and Auburn University. It has existed since the beginning of time and the height of it hits every season when the Iron bowl comes around and they play each other. Last year, an avid Crimson Tide (Alabama) fan decided to play a prank. Now usually pranks imply the lack of malice. However, any prank between these schools has an assumption of malice. 62-year-old Harvey Updyke Jr. poisoned the 130-year-old trees on Auburn’s campus. He is currently awaiting trial. What ensued after that was beyond a simple college rivalry but closer to what religious wars have looked like.

Now, being in Arizona, the biggest rivalry that most will witness will be between ASU and UofA. I am not saying that anyone will witness the poisoning of anythi


ng, but I encourage those from other countries to maybe attend a game just to see the passion that college football his ignited in some. You might be a little afraid.