Looking further into Queen Rania’s leadership

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I really enjoyed today’s presentations on leaders and the qualities they possess. It’s nice to see how different people are motivated and inspired and the different paths there are to achieving success. I wanted to share more about the leadership style and experience of Queen Rania of Jordan who has become a model for a contemporary monarch.

Shaima spoke about her involvement in a club that is focused on achieving and promoting the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals. Queen Rania actually gave a speech on this subject in New York last year, highlighting education, her topic of focus in her international advocacy and diplomacy work with the 1Goal:Education for All non-profit organization.


Her emphasis and repetitive mission of Education for all, Education equals opportunity helps brand Queen Rania as an advocate for universal education and can garner a sympathetic and loyal following easily. She may seem like a celebrity face at first, but her active contributions to educational initiatives inside and outside of Jordan prove she is more than just a name that wants the extra attention by the press.


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  1. The more I read about Queen Rania, the more I grow to admire her. As a modern-day monarch, she occupies a strange and rather ambiguous role in global politics. In spite of that, she has established a name for herself, far beyond what was expected of her, and continues to be a positive role model for her people and for the world.

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