The Power Point Presentations

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I preserved my feelings yesterday so that I can fully express them today in the form of blog about the presentations made on the power point by all groups.The way they were made and the way content was put in was really an outstanding effort.I dont know about other fellows but for me,I have never given any presentation on power point back in Pakistan.Whenever I went for lecture or discussion,I didnt abreast myself with PPT Presetation.One main reason was that I didnt have time to make it and the other reason is that the people were more interested to listen what I carried with myself.Because both as a reporter and producer they think that I better expres myself spontaneously than to augment it with something else.It is so ,because this is all what journalists learn once they step in the field,I remember the changes in the script and sometimes the stories after covering the events,soemtimes the stories die or it takes a new turn.
I really learned so much yesterday about the power point presentaions and different ways to make it attractive and rich.At the same time I think that you need to have an audience where you can present your ppt,otherwise its just like an injustification with them since they can’t comprehend anything about slides.
During my almost four months stay in the US,I have also seen if not all but some presenters just reading their ppt.Again it depends upon the topic of your presentation,if you are presenting something about your country,profession or culture I dont think so one can be fully reading from the ppt,as different new aspects emanate from each point,which you can easily talk about as they directly relate to you.So speaking about someone who you have just known makes it difficult to talk something extra.In journalism you can say or speak so much about the event you have covered becasue you were the witness and now it falls onto you as to how you shape it.
I again commend all my fellows for such wonderful and enchanting presentations.Nothing can always be perfect as even upto now when I look at some of my tv reports or production of programs,I think that they should have been made or produced otherwise.But one thing we should all remember if you make your self contended and happy then it supercedes all other depressing factors with the will to improve and overcome one’s weaknessess.

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2 Comments on “The Power Point Presentations”

  1. That’s such a crazy thought! I guess its an American thing, but I remember doing powerpoint presentations in middle school. Although it makes sense, people want to see what you know, not what you can read off a screen!

  2. I had never really considered that. Of course impromptu speeches, reports, broadcasts, etc would not use powerpoint presentations. In America, powerpoint is just a part of the academic environment. It’s weird if I don’t have to make atleast one powerpoint presentation for all of my classes.

    As for the quality, however, lots of powerpoint presentations are lacking. I was taught to use the slides as a resource, not a crutch. I was told to put main points, but to make the audience LISTEN for the parallels, connections, and details. Too many people will put all of the information on the slides. At this point, they are no longer needed for their presentation. If the audience could just copy the slides and have the same information, then you are no longer needed; they are not engaged and they will not be interested in listening.

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