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I am very glad Stephen Buckley took the time to share his leadership polices with our class.  His belief that as a leader it is his job to understand what motivates people and cater to that, makes a lot of sense. I think this tactic makes the people working under this leadership tactic more willing and eager to perform their best because their leader takes the time to understand their individual personality.

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I like that this type of leader does not use the same cookie-cutter approach to deal will all employees.  I think it is much more meaningful if the leader takes the time and caters to each individual.  I personally like being praised by my leaders. The more my leader appreciates my work the more motivated I am and I work harder because I feel proud that I am producing an appreciated product or outcome. I think knowing the individual is also important, because then the leader can also better use each individual’s strength.

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I was curious to see how different personalities are classified so I did some research online.  I found personality psychologists generally look at five key personality traits: extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness. From these five traits, a leader must assess each individual to understand their personality so the leader can use tactics to motivate the specific personality type.

I also like that Buckley has an open listening time, where employees can come in a talk with him about anything. I think communication is key. It allows everyone to understand what is happening and what is expected from each individual. As a leader I think it is important to develop a relationship where the people being lead are comfortable to talk to the leader and voice their comments or concerns.

I like Buckley’s point that it is important to schedule your priorities and then make time for others.  Creating a good relationship with the people you lead is critical to success.