The Center of the World? Nope, just the US

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I’ve watched my classmates make metaphors about the article, and they are very insightful and well written.  I want to have a great metaphor but I can’t think of anything.  So I will just make a comparison from the article to the real world.

Near the beginning of the article, the author talks about globalization and the global manager.  I can’t think of a better and more obvious topic to write about in the Humphrey seminar.  The global insight from the fellows is what drove me to the make the comparison in the coming paragraphs.

The article spoke about the necessity of understanding global culture in order to be a good manager.  I don’t think it stops just there, though.  I think running a successful business or venture depends on understanding the world and how people work.

Up until now, I was a part of the short-sighted and fairly stereotypical US belief that the US is the center of the economic world and that our views are the most important.  I watch other countries try to understand us and conform to us because they want our stuff.  (I also thought that, while growing up, that the whole world was the same.  Boy was that dumb of me).  But sitting in only a few classes with the Humphrey fellows makes me want to really get to know more about the global culture and the local cultures of our fellows.

Each one of the fellows is brilliant and hugely successful, and yet here they are, wanting to learn more.  That rocks.  I want to be that awesome when I grow up ( that is, if I ever do grow up).

Disclaimer:  I don’t think that I am stupid enough to not know what is going on in the world.  I just don’t ever explore that train of thought because it never applies to me.  I love this Humphrey seminar because it allows me to explore new trains of thought when it comes to globalization and global culture.  All aboard the learning express!