The leaders of today… and yesterday?

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First, I would like to say hello to everyone, I am finally on the blog! You’ll see some posts from me for the last couple of weeks, so just a heads up! 🙂

Okay, now my post.


“I must follow the people. Am I not their leader?”

This quote comes from former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. I came across it around a year ago while looking for a clever quote to use as a Facebook status.

Although I didn’t use it, I kept it on my computer. I thought of it while watching my group’s movie choice, Braveheart. Not only did it fit perfectly with the film, but it also seemed to be a perfect fit for our class purpose.

This seminar drills into us how essential it is for a leader to both lead and serve. Combining these two actions makes for a leader equipped with two beneficial skills. This type of leader has the confidence to manage others and also the humility to maintain two-way communication.

Disraeli’s statement describes a leader who incorporates those he leads into his own actions. This kind of leader takes the thoughts, opinions and recommendations of those beneath him into consideration. Our guest speaker and Dean of Poynter Institute Stephen Buckley believes this describes our new era of leadership.

It’s obviously a far cry from the managers and leaders of the past.

Which brings us back to Disraeli. He was alive in the 19th century, and obviously, his quote precedes our original thought that the past boasted dictator-like leaders. Disraeli invests deeply into his followers. Is it possible that today’s breed of leaders is just a step back into the original belief of true and effective leadership?