Book Reviews Upon Book Reviews

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Like to read? I think we all do, so it’s funny I never thought to introduce these sites before!

Many of you have heard of Gangplank out of Chandler and all the great things they have to offer entrepreneurs and all around hard working people. Gangplank’s main man, Derek Neighbors, has his own blog and posts a book review every Sunday.

His posts are relatively concise and get you to the core principles of the book asap. His most recent post from yesterday highlights a book called “How to Change the World,” by Jurgen Appelo.

Every so often, he throws in a thought piece, too, relating to current economy conditions or other noteworthy principles floating around newsfeeds.

Another great place to get recommendations and keep track of your own book list is Goodreads allows you to record the books you’ve read, rate them, and write brief descriptions of your thoughts on the book. It also recommends books for you to read and lets you create a list of books you want to read in the future.

I’ve just started using it, and so far it’s very compelling! I still haven’t decided this year’s book reading goal… maybe 20 books? Shooting low. Although I have to say it’s tempting to add a hundred books to your to-read list. 😉 If you’re on goodreads, share books with me!


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  1. I’ve been meaning to sign up for goodreads but haven’t yet — definitely adding it to my summer to-do list. Reading is one of my favorite ways to learn, and I haven’t had much time to do it lately, so hopefully this will be an incentive for me to start picking up some good books again!

  2. Em, I’ve heard the adage that it’s good to read 100 books a year! That’s a goal of mine after graduation 😉

    I’ll also have to sign up for goodreads! I found it on StumbleUpon one day (another favorite way of mine to discover new books/ideas/DIY projects, too) and am definitely intrigued. What a great, interactive way to discover literature!

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