Monday’s Class: Leadership Reflection

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I am glad we spent time talking about our legacy project in class on Monday. Dr. Bill’s insights helped me reflect on what type of leadership style I was displaying. Up until our talk on Monday, I had been a relaxed leader. I issued assignments but was waiting for results. I was being more of a friend than a leader because I did not want to be perceived as bossy. After our class discussion I realized that I need to be a more aggressive leader.

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I have posted on the Legacy Google doc the assignments for my team and each member’s responsibilities. I have also sent e-mails and forwarded them to Caroline so the content section knows our plans and everyone’s responsibilities. I am hoping now that my team has clear responsibilities and deadlines, we will be able to accomplish our tasks before April 25th.

I also enjoyed the second half of class, when we had a yoga session. The breathing techniques were very calming and I have continued to do them. I also enjoyed the stretching we were taught.

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After these two exercises I felt more alert. Listening to the instructions and laying on the floor with our eyes closed was the most relaxing and rejuvenating part of our lesson. During this exercise I was able to clear my mind and feel at ease. Afterward I felt energized and ready to complete my tasks.

3 Comments on “Monday’s Class: Leadership Reflection”

  1. Kelsea,

    Isn’t yoga wonderful?! 😉 I’m bummed I missed the yoga sesh on Monday, but I’ll be making up for it by doing some yoga tonight anyway.

    I’m glad you talked about your leadership traits in class, too. It’s always hard with a new group to figure out if you need to be a aggressive leader or if you can just be relaxed, ask nicely and wait. Of course, we’d all rather be the relaxed leader who trusts his or her counterparts to complete tasks in a timely fashion, however I’m bummed to say providing structure is usually what happens to me…

    You are a very kind person! Don’t be afraid to be a little more dominant; with your past leadership traits, it’ll blend perfectly and I’m sure your group will appreciate your honesty. 🙂

  2. Kelsea, I know exactly what you mean about being a relaxed leader! I’m like that in most situations, too. And I also was inspired from all of our talk on Monday to become more active in how I lead (not just in this class but in other areas of my life). I’m realizing that, a lot of times, people need someone to look to for direction before they know how best to follow.

  3. Kelsea,

    Great leaders must always take time for themselves! I think we often forget about this fact or get too busy trying to meet the daily demands of our hectic lives, but it really is true. For me, the most eye opening part of the yoga experience was the realization that just 10 minutes of quiet breathing could make all that difference! I mean, who doesn’t have 10 minutes to spare? I bet even the authoritarian leader could relax just a bit if they set aside 10 minutes a day for silent breathing 🙂


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