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I had heard of the concept of an elevator pitch, but had neither actually heard someone’s personal pitch nor had to craft my own, until the Humphrey Seminar. We mentioned in class today the pace and time-oriented culture of America. Since the culture here is a bit ADD, I think a concise and to-the-point personal elevator pitch can be extremely useful in any kind of networking situation. If your elevator pitch is successful, it will further intrigue the person you’re “pitching” to want to hear more about your professional experience and interests on a more detailed level.

I have personally been in situations where there were professionals I admired and wanted to meet, but didn’t know what to say; namely, how to “market” myself without coming off as pretentious or completely self-serving. While the elevator pitch may cross this line, it can serve as a way to highlight your accomplishments and skills in ways that can demonstrate their usefulness to the professional in question.

You have t-minus 60 seconds…

Hearing all of the fellows’ elevator pitches from day one of the seminar inspired me to craft my own.

Here is what I have so far. Go ahead and comment/critique; I’ll consider and listen:

“Hello, my name is Christina Silvestri. Telling stories through words, photo, sound and video is my specialty. In May 2013, I will graduate with a combined B.A./M.M.C. in Journalism & Mass Communication and a minor in Art History from Arizona State University.

My work has appeared on such outlets as The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Arizona Foothills Magazine and Women’s Wear Daily.

I am the communications specialist for the Office of Global Outreach & Extended Education at ASU’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, and a writer for Arizona Foothills Magazine.

My hobbies and interests include writing, travel, art, fashion, web design, and immigration and gender issues.

I hope to combine these skills and interests to contribute to my goal of producing comprehensive, in-depth feature stories for a major publication someday.”

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  1. straight forward and precise

    without coming off as pretentious or completely self-serving!
    what! no one told me that before
    Office of Global Outreach & Extended Education-sounds interesting need to know more
    great job

    but if you want the people to remember you always make it FUNNY

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