Food for brain. When “healthy media” expire date of use…

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I was born in previous century.  As a soviet child  I believed in bright  future, where everyone will be  equal.  Our parents  worked hard to reach that goal- idealistic society, so  called ” communism”.  We, kids,  forgived our parents being so late in work . We accepted  poor food, we didnt know that its poor. We were happy to have any energy for playground!  We had just one public TV. Educational programs , great animations, full of good humor and intelligence. When neighbors had any chance to help each other, they did. I feel that we are one team. Our street, our city, our country.

Later  things become more different. People start to understand, that something is wrong. They worked so hard in their fields, beating one fruitful  record to another.  But everyday life didn’t change…Then Chernobil disaster happened. No one talked about it. Because we had just public media and, I think, no one was ready to react.. We had school meeting . All kids were in base and director said about tragedy. 1 WEEK after.  Media still kept silent.  That was first time, I personally felt cheated. As not involved, when I wanted to be. I lost some trust in soviet or so called public media. In age of 10.

I think it was some turning point where all things started to be not clear, not true. And empire started to fall apart slowlu and surely..

Why I am writing all this. Its about Trust. Team. Collaboration. Good will. There can be so much great power, if media,government and people collaborate for one big goal. And it can create many disasters and misunderstandings,  if its not so.

I still have strong believe in humans. Human souls who are behind any systems. Soul and spirit , if united, can beat any system, any mechanism.

I felt proud to be part of Humphreys again and again when we finalised our mission statement.

” …we serve for public good. Spreading positive values is our power”

Simple truth. I like. I believe.

Thanks , folks . see you soon !







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  1. I still remember Cernobil ad news I was a child but that news stayed very deep inside of my head back then

  2. What a sad story bout your past. I’m glad you are finding motivation and purpose in the team we have formed. We can only grow from strength to strength.

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