Working together as One

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From our team meetings and Humphrey seminar today I learnt some advantages of working as a team. It was also an opportunity to differentiate what it means to work as a team and as a group. I can say my group work as a team. This is because although each of us had different task to perform, we all helped each other with information on how to achieve the individual task. This made it possible for all members of the team to understand the overall project.
Each of us carried our task to the end. No one felt left out or as an outcast throughout the project. At the end we all were familiar with the video clips and the leadership style portrayed by the video.
From all that we have learnt so far from the movies and presentations from some Humphrey Fellows, I can say that teams are like the engines that drive leading organizations and movements. The way team members treat each other influences the quality and output of results. The team’s mood, whether energized or motivated is the air that the team breaths and is created through relationships within the team. Powerful results are realized with input from every voice in the team. Relationships flourish and grow. There is always a leader who is trusted and whom all are ready to follow to achieve one goal. The goal of either brining fame to the country (barefoot runner), national integration (Nelson Mandela) and providing care for abandoned children (Pakistan).