Cronkite Day Reflections

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There are plenty of ways for students at the Cronkie School to get involved with the college. The school goes over and above to foster connections between the student population, staff and faculty and the local Arizona media community. It’s one of the things that make our school different from the older J-Schools out there.

But Cronkite Day, a celebration of everything the school has to offer and has helped its present, former and future students accomplish brought that sense of community to a new level.

I was able to be present for the majority of the day, working a table in the First Amendment Forum. For me, the day was a whirlwind of chatting with enthusiastic potential students, returning alumni and just getting to spend some extra time with the teachers and students that are around every day. At times it felt like celebrity watching, as some of the school’s highest achieving alumni came to see the school’s new building and check in on what current students are doing.

It made me realize just how much the Cronkite School strives and succeeds to produce strong journalists, who in many cases have or will go on to become not only leaders in their own newsrooms but also in the wider field of journalism.

Sitting in on the many panels of students past and present drove home the fact that so many of the students at the school work hard to make themselves leaders in their own niches of journalism. From sports to business to investigative journalism, Cronkite students are able to hone their skills through excellent coursework and unique hands-on experiences.

Bearing the name of one of the most honored journalists of all-time couldn’t be more fitting for a school leading the way into the digital future and consistently producing graduates that will help show the way.