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Whats your name, again.. ?  Where you from, …where exactly ? What are you doing here, really.. ? Ok, see ya..

Life here is like never-stoping elevator .  People come and go… you just stay and repeat same thing and exchange peaces of paper with names and numbers. Later .. you are trying to remember picture of person in your head with name on peace of paper. Not always you win this alias game..

America is huge. But America is also tiny.  You can be huge in country and peace of desert sand in Arizona..  Or oposit. You can have everything and nothing.. You can  be anybody and nobody..

Where we are going ? If we can collect 5 billiard goals of people, probably 95 % of destination  will be simple “happiness…”. What makes you happy ? Do you know?

1896 contacts in facebook, 321 contact in Linked  and thousands of peaces of paper with names and numbers doesn’t make me happy. It make  me feel important,maybe, but not happy.

it feels happy if someone just like you way you are- without profession, 3 E in CV  and ambitions.

But do we like ourselves without all those things.. And who we are without 3 E  ?






3 Comments on “WHO ARE YOU?”

  1. I am god damn happy. with or without that stuff
    I agree with you here in the states you weight is how much people you have on your social networks
    Thats not the case back home

  2. Thanks for this insightful piece of writing. Not everything boils down to the 3 e’s! Often it is the bits in between that define who we are what we are destined to be.

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