Blog as independent journalism?

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Being quite liberal person and open to a new and different things, I have been always involved into different kind of protests or intellectual fights for freedom of speech and choice. I believe that is the only way to have “all equal all different”.

And according to the First Amendment, at least for sure in USA, press and medias should be providers of such kind of justice, truth etc…

Well world is all but not simple, and what is really worth is hard to find and usually rarely. Specially in 21st Century where almost everything is becoming a business it is not easy to connect Humanities and Journalism on daily basis. Reading article “How the Humanities and Journalism Can Save Each Other” by David D. Perlmutter and David Dowling, I am starting to think about how every new generation is having doubts and fears from new ways of expression and new medias. If you take some thoughts from early periods of radios and TV you could probably find a lot of argument why that is going to change a world and why it could be dangerous.


Nothing is black or white, and there are plenty of challenges and dangerous when it is about media like Internet and fact that literally anyone can write opinion, some form of article or personal blog.


Does this make blog and other forms of Internet writing real representatives of independent journalism? But what is a problem with wide and free market? Anyone can write but that doesn’t mean that everyone will read? When everyone can write, then you really need to write good, and find a way how to get attention, specially if audience can be almost entire world.

I consider freedom of speech as most important part of freedom, and without that many things would loose their sense. Completely.

And I want to finish this post with great citation from mentioned article: “There are billions people on Facebook giving content away for free; if you want to make living from your content, it has to be much better then most of the rest.”


One Comment on “Blog as independent journalism?”

  1. Good thoughts, Alma. The free flow of expression through the Internet sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish who is a credible writer, and makes you question what the definition of a journalist is at all (e.g. someone employed by a publication, a blogger, someone who is personally knowledgable about something but has not worked in the field firsthand, etc.). I agree that the media does need to be bold and embrace new thoughts and ideas of how to express and sustain what they are trying to communicate to an audience now used to immediate gratification by the click of a button.

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