2013 ASU Human Rights Film Festival

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Living in Phoenix and traveling around, and being part of ASU I am trying to get all the best happenings which are organized at this enormous University. By case I had opportunity to meet organizing committee of this year 3rd edition of Human Right Film Festival at ASU. This group of happy, intelligent, divers people is creating something very important for Arizona and launching and touching some extremely important issues for USA but also for the World…

During this three days 5th , 6th and 7th of April at University Tempe I had possibility to see couple of really amazing films, all created by very brave and active film makers.

Saturday was related to Israel and Palestine: justice and human rights? , with some very good insights, and some of the audience got completely new perspective at the whole situation. One of the highlights was film created by co-direction of Israel and Palestinian directors.(Emad Burnat & Guy Davidi).. Academy Award-Nominated 5 Broken Cameras (http://www.kinolorber.com/5brokencameras) .

Interesting story is also that Palestinian director was kept for awhile at the custom on the Airport while he was coming for the L.A. Ceremony, and border patrol had 10000 questions for him.

I guess they haven’t believe that Palestinian film director is actually having award nominated film…

We were honored also to have direct Skype talk with France, and film producer Serge Gordey, who was awake a 3 30 AM just to give us opportunity to discuss film from the first hand…

What I love is how film is showing that united Israeli and Palestinians are standing and protesting for justice and human rights equal for both side…

It is very hard and delicate topic as much as situation. And for sure it will take years and years to find a solution. Generations are born under war time and they even don’t know how the peace look like.. But as organizer say- What WE can do? WE can have a voice… This is interesting site suggested by organizers and film makers http://jewishvoiceforpeace.org/,

As it is written on the web site their message would be- “Israelis and Palestinians: Two Peoples, One Future.”


On Sunday festival was dedicated to The Human Rights of Immigrants.

Big issue in USA, specially in Arizona. Amazing film “Two Americans” have been shown to us and we had opportunity that for a while touch this issue and talk directly with film participants after the screening, and to feel their life struggles.

The lives of Two Americans tangle when 9-year-old Katherine Figueroa watches her Mexican parents arrested by Sheriff Joseph Arpaio on the local news.

It is very important to see USA from different perspective and behind the curtain. Also is extremely important create this kind of art and talk as loud as possible about violation of human rights.

Whatever I watch in my head, I do for sure, reflect on my life experiences and life back in Bosnia.

Violation of Human Rights is something what is happening on a daily basis there, and I definitely believe that our duty as citizens, artists, activists is to raise those issues, questions and try to make impact.

Tag line for mentioned film from film makers is: “A daring take on the Nation’s most recognized lawman and his impact on an entire community” .


Biggest message for me from this edition of festival is for sure- Dare to speak up! It is our duty!

Once more congratulation to all organizers, and hopefully they will also find a link to maybe collaborate with Sarajevo festival about Human Rights “Pravo ljudski” in future editions http://www.pravoljudski.org/index.php?lang=en&Itemid=197