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My linkedin profile describes me as a ‘global multimedia journalist.’ I used the word ‘global’ because I want to tell stories around the world to the global audience.

After travelling to 20 countries around the world, I am always fascinated by the stories of people. Reporting from Democratic Republic of Congo to Uganda, India to Sri Lanka and from various parts of Nepal, the situation of common people has always inspired me. I want to bring in light more stories on how people around the world are living and what their major challenges are.

One medium that has helped me a lot in my career is the Internet. Internet has played an important role in making the world global village. Something that wasn’t possible 30 years before is possible now: to interact with people live via photo, video and audio from anywhere in the world that has Internet connection. I wonder how would l report and file stories if there was no Internet and how difficult and costly it would be. I also wonder if my stories would have such a global reach if it wasn’t for Internet.

As a journalist, Internet has helped me both professionally and personally. It has helped me in the reporting process because I am able to find sources. I could also build a network of professional peers and circulate and disseminate stories to my global friends. The stories I do are well archived on the Internet.

Personally, it’s a great source of information and a platform for sharing. I could see what other friends are sharing and stories they are working on.

We use Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites to share personal as well as professional information. As a journalist we brand ourselves strategically for a cause and for social change. We use social media for both personal and professional branding.

I know this takes a lot of time and some of the information will be shared online. But I think the reward is worth sharing. Because last week, Facebook verified my profile page. As a verified page, I would be able to get more trust from the people I will be talking to for stories.

3 Comments on “Global Journalist”

  1. Congratulations on getting a verified Facebook page! I have been instructed before to make a professional Facebook page. I never thought it was a good business platform until I thought about verified pages. I think it’s excellent that you have already branded yourself as a global multimedia journalist. Your experience in over 20 countries is so impressive. I would suggest that you collect your stories from each country and list them together. An online portfolio would be a great way to display this creatively.

  2. Rajneesh,

    I am so moved by your passion for journalism and I think it’s so great that you’ve experienced life in so many different countries. Do you think it is important for journalists to travel and experience different cultures? I truly believe that it changes your perspective to travel. I agree with Kate that grouping your stories by country and in an online portfolio would really enrich your online presence. But obviously you have made quite a name for yourself already!

    Great post.


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