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I would have loved to tell you stories of some of the challenging personalities I met in my worklife and whom I am grateful for. Also to tell you about some others from whom I learned what I definitely don’t want to take/copy anything. Or talk about my father who taught me a lesson from his business. A story about my mother’s unique character that follows me on my footsteps. And all the other moments that have shaped my footprints. But I will not. Showing less of myself is a part of my great grand plan of how to thrive in what I am doing. At least for now.

Instead I will share a semi-serious lister that can still be informative of my decision-making style and my wannabe personality at what I am doing:

List of things that I am aware of every morning:

  • I am almost always informed of what happened and when. During holidays, work is my hobby.
  • I have to show respect to my colleagues who work off hours. It’s a commitment.
  • My mood is visible to everyone and it can be contagious. Better to infect others with hyperactivity than apathy.
  • I will laugh and be playful but then I will turn to an annoyingly demanding … . Then I will be willing to play again, but I will be the only one left in the sandbox.
  • I can waste my time whichever hour I want, but I always have to be able to deliver fresh ideas and solutions. So  – so this will be another hard day at work!
  • Use my personal curiosity and horizons to find, measure and evaluate further directions of what I (we) should do.
  • Think of someone/something that I will be challenging today (this week) – just to keep the feeling of my personal mission fresh.
By author
By author

I wish I was aware of: 

  • How to measure when it is enough;
  • How to be diplomatic but remain genuine;
  • How to share and involve but not to lose track and time;
  • How to be proud and persuasive;
  • How to suit up and put my “no personal feelings involved” mask on;
  • And so it goes…



But every morning brings a new day and I still care.

What are my wannabe’s/wanna-make’s for today?


Reviewed by: Miguel Otárola