‘Becoming the voice of people’

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On Air: Just before the news transmission of October25, 2016 at the BBC Nepali studio in Kathmandu

I am passionate about journalism because this provides me an opportunity to be the voice of the people. My goal is to enhance public service journalism by disseminating accurate information.

Public service has always been my personal motto. I aspire to be the eyes and ears of the public and bring them stories of hope, struggle and leadership. I interact with people, channel their stories and do my best to fulfill the responsibilities of a storyteller.

My fascination for storytelling is precisely the reason that I decided to pursue my career in journalism. I formally started my work in journalism 12 years ago. However, I knew storytelling was my pursuit when I was a secondary school student. Inspired by elders of my community in southern Nepal, I started working for a community newsletter in 2001 when I was in just sixth grade. We used colored pens and a drawing paper to do stories about good and bad social practices in the community. And the newsletter with colorful texts used to be clipped at a noticeboard installed at the main square of my village. It was then I realized the power of writing, community service and decided to pursue my career in media. 

College newsletter: My college newsletter played a key role to hone my journalism skills.

Later on, I attended college for journalism and formally took up the profession. I have worked for local and national press and major international outlets like the BBC and AFP. I have covered deadly disasters like earthquakes and floods, political deadlocks — including a fight that broke out in the parliament, geopolitical controversies and denial of justice among others.  I feel accomplished to recall that journalism has provided me an opportunity to keep people at the heart of my stories. And also the chance to put forward questions that public wants answers from their leaders.

On the path to reconstruction: Nepal is still recovering from a mega earthquake of 2015 which killed over 9,000 people and destroyed around 800,000 houses.

As a journalist, my aim is to inform and empower people. I want to ask tough questions to people in power and contribute from my side to make them accountable to public. I have a deep desire to cover stories of problems faced by minority population and the daunting challenges experienced by people living in rural communities.I have a strong faith and commitment in democracy and rule of law. I value the power of media to shape public perception and strengthen the democratic institutions of any country.

As an individual, my goal is to be a ‘grounded person.’ I strive humbly, be a part of solution to challenging situations and aspire to help the greater good through my efforts.