Bringing the World to its Citizens: Hope’s Mission Statement

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From a young age I have found myself with a profound curiosity of the world around me. I never quite understood how so many around me were content in only knowing the extent of what was near them. When did our care for understanding become confined to the borders we resided within?

In my search for a better understanding, I made my way to these places that plagued my mind with questions. Prior to the beginning of my first semester as an Arizona State University student, I spent the summer in four beautiful countries: France, Italy, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

From the Eiffel tower in the city of love,

to the looping canals of Amsterdam,

I was still not satisfied with my understandings of the cultures and lives of the citizens that lived so far for me. It was through this love for the rest of the world that I was met with my purpose and my mission statement.

Utilizing my life and profession to provide others with a better understanding and care for the world around them.

In my travels as a journalist, I hope to find the stories that can bring a sense of connection from one side of the world to another. Not only do I hope to connect people through their lifestyles and similar hardships, but through an idea that the world can be more than just the borders around us.

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  1. Impressed by your vision and mission, Hope. That’s probably our ‘Hope’ in life – being responsible global citizens, sharing concerns and bridging the gaps between different cultures.

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