Let’s Have Lunch

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What happens when a Nigerian, an American, and a South African get together to cook a meal?

This miniature 2 hour journey began hectically with a condo full of  roommates, and a tiny kitchen to work with. Our 3 person group embarked on an almost assembly line way of cooking to feed our army of college students attending.

In this short and sweet get together there was much to be learned from each other. Not only did this become our first attempt at working together, but it became a new cultural and educational experience for each of us.

As Sebenzile diced a beautiful rainbow of peppers, Salisu was tasked with dicing a pile of onions. As the dicing commenced, Hope was set in fitting too many servings of pasta into a pot that was too small.


Peppers and onions diced by Salisu and Sebenzile

As we ate together, the group focused on obtaining a better understanding of each other. From the toughest of topics to our everyday lives, we began to piece together our team and our understanding of each other as people.

Salisu, Sebenzile, and Hope enjoy an apple pie dessert

Following our dessert, we reflected on our time cooking together and were each left with a similar impression as to what the activity meant us. Sebenzile commented on how “Food is a great way to connect, build bridges and learn something new.” While Salisu referred to how he “appreciated the experience and contribution of each of us in the group to make the activity a success.” In conclusion, each of us in the group felt a stronger bond and more at ease following the completion of our first assignment.

Having deliciously enjoyed our meal while feeding our minds on the cultures surrounding the dining room table we had established a better bond as a group. Through our experience we became more than just a collection of countries, but rather a team.

Salisu Ibrahim

Hope O’Brien

Sebenzile Nkambule

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  1. I love the descriptive and colorful diction, it gives it a great amount of personalization while portraying beautiful imagery. I enjoyed the photos you included as well and the importance of team work stressed throughout the entire project.

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