Distraction and Fun!

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Yes, DISTRACTION and FUN! That was the theme of our last community meeting.

“Since we are all in self-isolation, we are going to have a little bit of fun partnered with the business of the community meeting…we all need laughter, right?” Exclaimed the email from our beloved program manager, Jan Holland-Malcom.

Each Fellow was required to “dress up, create a costume or crazy hat/headpiece and come to the meeting!”

The whole event became even more elaborate when she dubbed it a CONTEST! The winner was to leave with a $10 credit to the ‘take out’ restaurant of their choice!


  • Everyone participates
  • Items used must be found in your house/apartment
  • You will be given 30 seconds to explain/show off your creation to entice the group to vote you the winner!
  • Must wear throughout the entire community meeting.
  • Voting will take place online

Then, the fellows swung into action, creating crazy stuff that would bring a smile to our faces during this crazy time of COVID-19, social distancing and isolation.

The following costumes were created: Michael “Goob” Yagoobian from Meet the Robinsons, Robot Bear, Frida Kahlo, Quarantined Reindeers, Sparky the Reporter, Wayne from Wayne’s World and an official NBC peacock.

Humphrey Fellow Noreen Khan dressed as her character, Robot Bear.

Noreen Khan, winner of the costume contest and creator of Robot Bear, said:

“I created a robot bear because during this time our communication becomes too technical and robotic where we are just connected through the screen. So, we are actually behaving like robots, without a human touch.”

Humphrey Fellow Chentao Cui dressed as Sparky the Reporter.

Another costume that stood out was Sparky the Reporter. The creator, Terry Cui, said:

“Because of the social distancing, we haven’t seen our Sparky for a long time. And I was a broadcast journalist before I came to the US, so I decided to create a costume about a Reporting Sparky. I used a handholding mask, a microphone and a peaked cap to achieve my plan.”