Half Way There

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What do you want to do here- is just one of the questions I was asked and the one I couldn’t answer. I guess, to learn. But what?

In the sea of courses at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, there are amazing areas of study, great professors and technology resources available for students. The start of the program astonishes you, so much that you must answer the first question with – everything! 

We are halfway there – almost finished with classes and almost starting our professional affiliation. And halfway to traveling back to our homes and living a life that is now changed forever. 

Halfway doesn’t sound bad. Trust me. Still time to learn. Still time to find the answer to that question – for those who didn’t. But also, halfway from the beginning when the answer was just vague and uncertain. 

Apart from learning new skills,  different information, and new ways of making our work easier and better, I believe the biggest lesson we have learned is the one about ourselves. 

At the beginning of this program, we were young sunflowers, following the sun, our aspirations and future goals. At the end, we will be grown ones, not just following the sun, but turning to each other, when the light is shadowed. 

And now, halfway there, networking, collaborating and learning about self-awareness as leaders and human beings, like the sunflowers, we are enjoying the sun and the healing powers of friendship.