Football and 9/11

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Well, It was very interesting to witness the first Football game in America. My friends and Family are still laughing at the thought that I was at the game. Everybody knows that I do not understand soccer, so I never even bother to go near to a soccer game. In my country, football means soccer, so you can imagine how amazed they were. Anyway, it was great fun, especially when I met Sparky. I  am now only waiting for September 11 to witness the mood of Americans. I can imagine how tense it becomes…but lets wait and see. In my country, people still cry a lot when remembering our fellow Heroes and how they died…I guess it’s more or less the same here. God bless the souls of the 2011 victims…and maybe we can forgive the ones who caused the pain…but its hard… and we are all human…

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My name is Taati Niilenge from Namibia. I am a reporter, working for the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation. I am currently studying at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism as a Humphrey Fellow. I plan to make the most of this experience and take a lot of knowledge to my country, especially with regard to Social Media. i do not know a lot right now, but I AM PLANNING TO SUCCEED!

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4 Comments on “Football and 9/11”

  1. In Egytp, football has a widely popularity among people. We have two main teams Ahli and Zamalek.

    In fact, I feel sorry that I mist this game.. I love football.

  2. Football was fun, i just didn’ t understand why most of the people left after the first half?

    1. oh, we left that half for you, cause you came late…lol…but seriously, I try to follow football, soccer and all that. I just can’t…but it was fun being there…would love to give the women’s basketball a try, though…

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