Broadcast Production with Different Technology

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I started my professional affiliation with channel 12 last week ,it was an exciting start;as it was my first start with an American Television Channel.It was a journey of astonishment as I started to experience a different phase of technological aspects of production.There were no cameramen in the studio ,the reason was that there were robotic cameras;there was a person operating the cameras just thinking myself in the Back to Future.

I have noticed in the USA,there is less manpower in the production as most reliance is on the technology which makes the need to appoint a person for the specific job irrelevant.Here the decisions are made in long term as its better to buy a robotic camera once forever in comparison to appoint three or four cameramen.While in my country if it happens then it will mount to losing jobs of studio cameramen which would invite different situation,no one likes to witness.
Another feature different from my studio is that the environment of studio is so calm that I never saw anyone yelling or creating panicky.The credit of the calmness goes to the prevalent situation in the country while the panicky in my studio can be attributed to the every day changing scene.

My take away:I have so much to share back in my country about different ways of production but the most important ones are management and calmness which are immensely needed in my studio.

I am so much impressed to see the kindness and patience of the Executive Producer of the show EVB Live on Channel 12 that I think its the traits a producer must have in order to not only run the show smoothly but to make the program successful

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I am a broadcast journalist from Pakistan.Working as Associate Producer with the Talk Show Capital Talk of 'Geo Television'.

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One Comment on “Broadcast Production with Different Technology”

  1. Congratulation Lubna for starting your professional development. This is good news..
    In fact, technology is not only at the TV production, but, also, spreads in every where in America. At the time it save money and efforts, it deprive a citizen to have job opportunity! I am afraid that this is very problematic issue..
    Thank you for your post!

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