Clergy in 9/11 ceremonies

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This weekend, I’ve already been invited to and read about numerous 9/11 remembrance events, candlelight vigils and interfaith gatherings. All these events seek to unify Americans together from all the diverse backgrounds we come from and most have some air of spirituality in them, whether explicit or not.

Interestingly enough, Mayor Bloomberg is being criticized for not including clergy at the official ceremony at ground zero this 9/11. A New York Times article discusses how various conservative politicians and religious groups are protesting this decision and attacking Bloomberg for taking religion and prayer out of the ceremonies.

Bloomberg’s press secretary says prayer isn’t omitted from the ceremonies, but that people can pray during the breaks for moments of silence as the names of victims are read aloud.

The US has an interesting culture of religious civic life where we maintain and celebrate our secularism, but frowns upon rejection of religiosity. I’m curious to see how all these various interest groups will come together to compromise and understand one another during this time of national healing.