Power Posing=Attitude Changing

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I postedthis videoa while back on Twitter, but I got to wondering what the use is in an elevator pitch when we were talking about it in class today.

Meet Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist and associate professor at Harvard Business School

So a basic recap of the video: Amy Cuddy goes through different ways to present yourself with body language, like power poses and holding yourself back. She notes that the way you present yourself through body language affects how people judge you.

She then posits that body language in fact could change what you think about yourself. She has two basis for this. One smiling not only is a sign of happiness but also creates happiness; A sad person who makes himself or herself smile will feel happier. Her second is that primates in the alpha male position have a chemical balance of testosterone and cortisol that is a sign of a good leader, while primates in the beta position have the opposite. When a beta ape takes over the alpha position, his chemical balances change.

So she did some studies, and she found that people who do power poses for two minutes before certain situations, like a stressful job interview, will perform better and be more appealing. Just power posing for two minutes changes one’s confidence. She also says that the people who did these power poses tended to be more enthusiastic and less awkward.

How to Look Great In Photos
Beyonce knows how to power pose!

So I was thinking in the context of an elevator pitch: When you get in an elevator and only have 60 seconds, there may not be time to quickly do a power pose to boost your confidence. Yes, you can employ good body language and attempt not to be awkward, but what if you were caught off guard?

When you wake up in the morning, should you lean back at your kitchen table with your cereal and newspaper with your arms behind your head and feet up? Should you just go around smiling in order to make it a good day?

She gives some tips at the end on how to act within an interview, but what do you think? Would it help to do these power poses as a daily practice?

I think it can’t hurt!

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  1. This is interesting. Is this just for women or can men do it as well? If so, I’ll have to give it a try this the next time I’m in need of some confidence. Definitely don’t want to be seen striking Beyonce poses though, my power posing will have to be private haha

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