Two heads are better than one

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Getting a group of independent and boisterous leaders in one room and getting them to co-operate is difficult at the best of times. We had some lessons in team work this past weekend when we the Humphrey fellows took part in some team building exercises and obstacle courses. What I’ve learnt from that experience is that if people work together , they are likely to achieve more in a shorter period of time.

it is refining how we work together which is the biggest test. Often we all spoke at the same time,not giving each other the chance to communicate instructions properly. We all have different strengths and the lesson learnt is that for different tasks and objectives,various people in the group can lead, that needs to be spelt out up front.

Views cannot be imposed by the loudest person in the room. We all have to give each other a chance to be heard, then we will succeed.
Discussions must be clear and coherent ,otherwise we fail to come up with a clear strategy.
I’ve also learnt that one needs a great deal of patience to work in a team but the rewards are far greater in the end.

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One Comment on “Two heads are better than one”

  1. I agree completely and find it interesting that you mentioned that gathering a bunch of leaders in the room doesn’t necessarily equate to a good team. A good team consists of one or two leaders and role players, but all must be willing to cooperate and listen in order for teamwork to be effective.

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