Movie Reactions from Group 3

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I’m going to keep these short and simple!

Guy didn't understand who he truly was until Billy died.
    Billy’s Ethical Code: helping those in front of you makes a difference. Be honest to yourself.

  • Guy arrived to Indonesia thinking only of himself. When Billy died, that changed and he awoke from his selfish delirium to see his true self.
  • Billy: “The diplomats sell bullshit, go to the people.” When Billy got Guy that first big interview, he was trying to make a point. While all the other journalists were scrambling to go to the top officials, Guy had to chance to show the true face of Indonesia — it’s people.
  • Billy’s emotions sometimes got in the way. He wanted to believe in Sukarno, and it really hurt him to see the great leader had fallen to greed and pettiness. When he observed the same change in Guy, he thought all was lost.