Americans are Selling Water In Bottles

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In Egypt especially before we built the high dam. In the summer the Nile flood so water was taken for granted, no one would ever think that one day people will be selling bottled water. From here came the quote “selling water in bottles!”. We still use it when we are relating to someone who can sell what is not to be sold. Or the person who is having a great marketing skills.

Today am with a bunch of friends watching the super bowl, oh my god American are selling water in bottles. I have never seen the American version of football. As the term football has a different connotation for the rest of the world either that it does in the US. So once I received the invitation from “Mike and Lily” my friends who are hosting the event. I said as I know nothing about it so I will skip, then I discovered that almost 60 % of the Americans I know, were saying its not as big about the game as its about the surroundings. People gather to see the commercials, the pop star singing the national anthem, and the TV commentators.

A couple of months ago we were invited to a baseball game in stadium, again no one of our group was watching the game we were chatting drinking and eating hotdogs, when I asked about the game rules, I was told the experience of going to the stadium eating hotdogs drinking bear is what it is all about more than watching the game

Back home when people gather to watch a big game they change the channel when commercials come. As we are precise about what we want to watch it’s the game, the whole game and nothing but the game.

Here in the states, what’s amazing is that they know how to sell every thing.
They know how to make secondary things even bigger than the primary ones

Every thing is and must be for sale, back home we are under the francophone influence as we believe that there are things that are not and should not be placed in the market for sale. Like doctors for instance we don’t have TV or papers commercials for doctors who offers discount or make a nose job get a liposuction for free.
The same applies for lawyers, television presenters and many other professions, we used to believe placing this jobs in the market downgrades the holiness of the missions its to accomplish
In the beginning it was strange.
But honestly now I see that as the way it should be, even if you are choosing which doctor to go to you are picking a product from the doctors supermarket. So its normal for this product to be marketed.

Americans are really good in selling water in bottles.

Though this raises another question even more and more, especially after watching news protest against the united states world wide are getting higher, last week one of the few countries that are officially declared as a secular countries in the whole globe “Turkey” has an attack against the US embassy in Ankara!

Why are the people who can sell water in bottles can’t sell affection to the rest of the world ?

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  1. I agree with you , marketing is so powerful in the US. The companies use whatever tools and tricks to grab your attention, and get you act. Many of them hardly care about people as long as they go out, shop and let their money flow to the market. Obviously, this companies are after people’s money, so they are trying their best to go out and get it. So the question that answers your question is what is the US government after?

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