Don’t throw me Away!

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ImageThis week seminar -monday 23 th- was not only interesting, it was-like it used to be so far- very instructive, with all these guest speakers sessions managed by Dr Bill Director of Cronkite Global Initiatives, to strengthen our knowledge on how things work in America. I was more amazed by this courageous  job en route  by around 20 students under News 21 Multimedia  projects, whose  team work is  leading  to an increasing of great investigative stories on Major issues faced by people in the US: for instance they are highlighting bad life conditions of many military veterans who are claiming their right to live a decent life after what they have experienced, and overcome during war, to claim their rights shortly. Such a work in which, each team member has his task, and knows who is doing what, under the guidance of a leader, for instance the multi-awarded in investigative field and Executive Editor of Carnegie Knight News 21  Jacquee Petchel,  let see how great job can be done by an organized team. The student have presented their own work “Back Home”: A News 21 investigation of the challenges facing Post 9/11 Veterans”. Incredible stories of veterans, encountering difficulties  to get their -after services- money from the government, waiting too much time to quickly benefit from psychological and medical assistance, at the risk of getting crazy and end  with suicide. Abandoned veteran women victims of sexual assaults…A manner to engage the public opinion about what is happening to those who accepted to go and fight away under the national flag, a soon as they are back home-for whom who were not killed-the huge issues faced by most of them among which disabled for life veterans.


For less than that, soldiers in fury  in less democratic country, for example, could terrorize people in a violent protest – provoking seriously injuried people, women to be raped by random, retails store to be vandalized  and so…That seems to be germs of peace threatening . Those people seeking to stay in peace after what they knew in such a war, are in a sorry sight. This looks like the junction between Positive and Negative peace, let’s say  shortly the PEACE, people in every stage of the US administration should have to pay attention, whether they didn’t know about that , as well. That is the way for  leaders to demonstrate their commitment in peace seeking. So let me by this way end  with this quote that gives pause for thought “All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, Justice, Honor, Duty, Mercy, Hope.” Winston Churchill.

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  1. The News21 Veterans project has really done a remarkable in telling the ‘untold’ stories of these veterans. Brilliant piece of work.

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