Elevator pitch : About me

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I am Issa K. Napon,journalist from Burkina Faso, a french speaking country located in west Africa. I have worked for sixteen years for the public Radio TV corporation (RTB) as a news anchor and reporter but I am now involved in investigative journalism, telling stories on political and social issues, highlighting facts which threaten and affecting negatively people’s life. I was several time awarded in my career, including a 2008 CNN African Journalists of the Year Award . I always try to deliver high-quality information to promote transparency, accountability and a higher quality of life for our citizens.
For my fellowship year, I want to improve my leadership skills, learn more about investigative journalism, online media as well as digital media, meet experienced people and professionals in my field of study.
Something personal about me, is that I love soccer , enjoy music like Marvin Gaye, Dire Straits, Temptations, Beyonce, discovering nature, famous places and everything linked to Indians tribes, especially Navajo and Apache.