A Baobab as fallen: tribute to MADIBA, an incomparable leader of this century

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Nelson Mandela on Day After Release “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”


My purpose is not to add up on the overwhelming information flowing across the world on Madiba death or Legacy. I just can’t help expressing my pain and sharing two points I could hopefully recall in my life from him, and what I believe, is very important for people who seek a right leadership style, who want to let their inner character ethics radiate on people around them.

Fighting against the apartheid regime in a deeply divided South Africa at first Nelson Mandela sought conversations in vain with the white and racial regime led by people like Peter Botha.


Already leading the African National Congress, and followed by countless people won by his charisma Madiba Lacked interlocutors willing to talk about the racism and find out a solution, and seeing his people getting more and more massacred for no reasons he broke out in an army battle to sabotage the functioning of the regime and influence the with people mind until he got captured and jailed for 27 years. He lacked liberty to move out of the prison and go where he wanted but truly felt in his head more free than his prison guards.

-Dr Stephen R. Covey recalled in his famous book: The 7 habits of highly effective people the inner force of personality like Nelson Mandela whose charisma shined even on his prisoner’s mates and on his prison guards as well. He relied himself on his trust, his confidence, mentality of steel, the inviolability of his spirit, Madiba did not let circumstances and outside actions affect him.  All of those strengths allowed Mandela to refuse in February 1985 a first string-attached freeing offer from President Botha in exchange to get Madiba end the struggle against apartheid.

That constantly renewing energy will allow Madiba to fight for the reconciliation among Black and White people extremely fascinated by his humility and that incredible absence of bitterness from him. It is just because Madiba whose actions come from his soul, was deeply a man of non-violence, a man of peace, receiving the Nobel Prize together with his vis-à-vis and former last white president of South Africa Frederick De Klerk who reacted on CNN –in the Situation Room-soon after the death announcement, saying Mandela revealed a great sense of listening, always willing to understand his interlocutor, and that really fascinated him.

What to retain from him and his fight for his people freedom against the deadly apartheid system is: humility, courage, generosity, self-confidence, truth, honesty, and understanding, Independence of mind, hard work and integrity.

Nelson Rolihalahla <<Madiba>> Mandela lessons will remain forever to teach us out to be a right person, the man, him, has already went down in history


Bye bye Madiba!