Domenico Nicosia: Family leadership

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On the lake, with a fishing pole in his hand and bait in the water is his nirvana. The setting is a stark contrast from the business world in which he usually resides. Fishing with my father allows him and I to delve deep into conversation — a rarity that I must cherish.

In high school, on one such trip he imparted some knowledge on me that I will never forget. His advice was brief and he said it almost as a fleeting thought.

Nonchalantly he looked at me and said, “a father’s role is to provide and to protect.”

The role of a father represents in many cultures the ultimate form of leadership. Success as a father is everything. His advice to me allowed me to better understand his character and his dedication to his career.

Though I do not have a family of my own, I will always remember these words and trust that his wisdom will serve me well when the time comes.


fishing image edited

This photograph was taken at the same lake where my father and I had the conversation mentioned above. The conversation took place sometime near the beginning of high school. This photograph was taken much before then.

2 Comments on “Domenico Nicosia: Family leadership”

  1. What a beautiful piece of advice to receive from your father.

    The parallels idea of a father leading the family transcend culture and tradition.

  2. It is wonderful when we remember words of our parents that are eternally memorized. Nice story.

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