The 2014 State of the Union summarized in headlines

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These are some of the headlines from the top news outlets after President Obama’s State of the Union Address.


CNN: “Obama hits the road to push State of the Union message”

New York Times: “In State of the Union Address, Obama Vows to Act Alone on the Economy”

CBS: “Were Obama’s State of the Union proposals too modest?”

Washington Post: “In State of the Union, Obama vows to expand opportunity, with or without Congress”

USA Today: “President Obama laid out his 2014 priorities, but progress depends on Congress and the power of executive orders.”

Politico: “State of the Union 2014: Obama calls for ‘year of action’”


Fox News: “State of the Union Media Verdict: Obama plays small ball with subdued speech”

MSNBC: “The good, the bad, and the weird at SOTU”

The Onion: “Aides Advise Obama To Avoid Any Mention Of America During State Of The Union Speech”

Slate: “For all of his talk of action, President Obama offered nothing but modest proposals.”

Townhall: “Analysis: A thin path narrows Obama’s ambitions”

Daily Caller: “Obama offers his policies as the cure for the Obama economy”

AlJazeera: “Obama urges Guantanamo closure this year.

In State of the Union address, US president says 2014 should be the year to finally close the US prison.”

AZ Central: “Obama renews call for reform bill; speech leaves room for GOP

There was a lot of verity in the post SOTU headlines. Many of the news outlets focused on something different. A few commented on Obama’s plan for the economy. A few others commented that the speech was modest. Some mentioned his criticisms of congress.

I included a few outlets known for being more liberal and some known for being more conservative to see if I could find any definitive bias and I did not. For example both the Huffington Post and Fox News used the phrasing “small ball” to describe his speech. There was criticism for the President in both papers that tend to be more liberal and conservative.

I think the overall criticism is representative of the country’s opinion of Obama’s presidency. I think even many members of his own party are critical of some of the things he has done and what he has not accomplished.

Written by: Sophia Mayberry

Edited by: Derya Kaya

2 Comments on “The 2014 State of the Union summarized in headlines”

  1. The first quote really got my attention because I had heard an analyst saying basically the same thing. The analyst said that it appears that Obama could be sending a message of working alone instead of including others. That is questionable thou, because there are others claiming that he has approached other parties but they have rejected him.

    1. I agree! I see both sides of this issue. I can understand the President’s frustration at the lack of bipartisanship. But I can also see the implication of the president acting alone. I guess we will have to see how it actually pans out.

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