Domenico Nicosia – How music motivates and persuades me

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Music has the power to motivate and persuade me more than almost anything else.

What music I am listening to can reflect my mood or influence it. This comes as no surprise given its effectiveness in the film industry. Soundtracks are crucial to emphasize a certain feeling or emotion that the scene is supposed to evoke.

There are many film soundtracks that are fantastic examples of this, but the one that came to mind is for the movie Garden State. The tunes are so perfectly synched with the film to create the intended reaction and the turning point in the movie.

There is usually some sort of music playing in the background,
whether I am relaxing or studying, to fit with my current task or emotional state.

For example, in the morning I am usually a bit sluggish and I have began to alter my morning music choices to help me to prepare for a busy day at work or school. As of right now, it is a mix of 90s punk and post punk music (a lot of Weezer and the like). On my way to school this morning I played Wilco, which is a bit more down tempo and on the way home I played some Arctic Monkeys, which is British punk/pop.

It is quite varied.

When I need to relax or focus I usually opt for some post rock (El Ten Eleven as of late). When it’s really time to buckle down and get work done, I put on some industrial noise-cancelling headphones and zone out to the white noise.pDSP1-7214187dt

By changing the type of music I am playing, I can motivate myself to get more work done or to persuade my mood to change.

What kind of music do you listen to in different situations?

What was the most recent band that you listened to?

I’d love to hear your input in the comments!

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4 Comments on “Domenico Nicosia – How music motivates and persuades me”

  1. Music motivates me too! I find it a great way to learn languages and keep up with them. Music is also inspirational, as it can help setting your mood.

  2. Domenico,
    Garden State has such a great soundtrack – excellent example!

    When reading your post I thought of my sister who has always been passionate about music and is now an aspiring radio DJ/broadcaster. When we were growing up I could always tell what her mood was based on the music I heard coming from her bedroom (which conveniently let me know when to avoid her). Although I will never have a love for music comparable to my sister’s I can definitely relate to the use of music as a tool for motivation.

    To answer one of the questions you posed in your post, I have recently been obsessed with The Neighbourhood’s song “Sweater Weather” – which I listen to on repeat whenever I get the chance. This is most likely a result of my nostalgia for ‘sweater weather’ in AZ.

    1. I am the same way Domenico! I always have music on. I have been REALLY into the british music scene for the lsat year. I recently discovered John Newman and Sam Smith, both are amazing. They are two cool, different voices, and sing great lyrics!

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