Advice for finding your way.

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There are many things I’ve learned in college that I wish I knew in high school. One of the most important things I’ve learned in college that I wish I knew is high school is that the people you want career advice from are the people who have the jobs you want and who love their jobs.
In high school, students usually just ask other people’s advice on what others think would be a good job for them in the future. I have found that people who do what you want to or might want to do in the future have far greater insight than other people.
Another advantage to speaking with someone already in the field you want to study in is you get to see if your personalities click. If you get along with they type of personality of someone doing the job you want will be a great indication of whether or not you will get along with others in the business and whether or not you have the personality to be successful n that industry.
Why is this lesson important at all? Because having a job you love is important. It is important for your sanity and its just easier to do a good job if you are doing something you love.