Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

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By Sophia Mayberry

I thought I would use my blog post about Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin to focus on Godin’s idea that people aren’t afraid of failure or being wrong, but that people are afraid of being blamed or criticized .

One of the main ideas in Tribes is that change leads to success and good leaders seek to create change. There is a fair amount of risk when seeking to insight change. That is probably why people avoid it.

We hear throughout our lives that we shouldn’t be afraid of failure and that failure is just part of the process. I think I agree with Godin. People aren’t afraid to fail they are just afraid to be blamed for the failure.


My favorite quote from this book overall is, “How was your day? If your answer was ‘fine’, then I don’t think you were leading.” (pg 38)

That is the one thing I hope people take away from this book.

4 Comments on “Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us”

  1. I really enjoyed your presentation, Sophia! Your book was all about change through action, which I really enjoyed. It seems to really empower the reader to think about how their actions are advancing their cause – be it small or significant change. And you’re right, our books could definitely be “book buddies”!

  2. What both our book said about not letting fear prevent you from inciting change is not only an important theme in both books but an important leadership lesson as well.

  3. Sophie,
    I really enjoyed your presentation as well – you always bring so much energy to the class! I thought your book sounded very interesting and I like how you went through the significant quotes and revealed their meaning. My favorite anecdote from the book that you shared with us was from Godin’s cruise when he was being criticized for not being able to take a vacation. I hope to have a career where I never feel the need to take a vacation… I certainly could use one now. 🙂

  4. Thanks Emily!

    Godin’s book oozes eery. I would do its disservice not to present it that way.

    I had never looked at vacations that way until I read this book but he has a great point. If you love what you do you shouldn’t need a vacation.

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