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I came to America with many goals. One of them was to get some sense of life of American people.

I made a short documentary/report about nature of poverty and it provided me with an insight about social mobility and an average American’s struggle to live the ‘American dream.’

Most of the information I came across is shocking in the sense that it shattered my image of every American living as a rich person. 30% Americans live in poverty. For someone like me who is coming from a developing country this number is unbelievably high.

More shocking is the fact that 70% Americans who are born poor never get out of it. In America, people are still as poor as they were 50 years ago and social mobility is more difficult than ever.

Does it mean that ‘American dream’ is not alive any more? My short-doc narrates stories of two people who pulled themselves out of poverty and shows how they did it.

Social Mobility in America

Hina Ali

Twitter: @uzaam