Leadership is about Service…

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I am Priscilla J. Quiah, a journalist from Liberia. I have 16 years of experience working with radio stations, newspapers and Media Non Governmental Organizations.

I worked as a reporter, columnist and media trainer at these organizations over the years.

In 2003, I, together with two other female journalists started a media women group, which now runs the only women radio station in my country.

Until very recently, I was the only female on a four-man management team at the Liberia Media Center. The LMC is a media development organization, which build the capacity of media Institutions, and individual journalists by providing equipment and training for journalists.

I am here to improve my networking skills, project managements capacity and training skills.

My dream and goal is to contribute to the improvement of the Liberian media landscape by providing quality journalism training and working with female journalists to strengthen their confidence and increase their visibility.

What is Leadership?

You can say that my strong religious orientation kind of shaped how I understand leadership, that’s ok by me.

I think leadership is about feeding, nurturing, comforting, correcting and protecting others, especially those entrusted in your care.

I believe it is about exemplifying sacrifice, devotion, submission and lowliness. Lowliness is for leadership to be related to being human: accepting and admitting that you are capable of erring, hurting, (therefore you can cry sometimes), and have flaws like any other person.

My experiences in different leadership positions and roles have taught me devotion to these principles and other best leadership practices which have contributed to my leadership success so far.

Read more: http://www.gotquestions.org/Christian-leadership.html#ixzz3CO3SS972

One Comment on “Leadership is about Service…”

  1. Thanks for your open description of your leadership style, Priscilla. Faith has no doubt contributed to the passions of many leaders throughout history. It seems like so many people try to win power and influence by trying to be larger than life, but I think that makes it more difficult to relate to those people. If you lead with more humanity, and “cry sometimes,” I would venture to say it is easier to inspire others to reach a common goal.

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