My Leadership Vision Comes From Passion

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“You do not need permission from people to lead them or to serve them. It is just spontaneous option not a compulsion for everyone.”

I realized from this quote is that great leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, they led people by their own passion not from anybody’s enforcement.

When I read books, biographies, watched movies about great leaders, I found that they all were dynamic but not the same. For instance, I have found many similarities between Lincoln’s and Jefferson’s biographies but their backgrounds were quite different even though they made the remarkable great history through their different dynamics and passions of leadership.

During this semester I have learned candid insights about leadership from Humphrey Seminar, GLF, Team work and Conferences. That has made confident and flexible about my perception.

Likewise, I read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People where I found that the leadership comes from self- awareness because we cannot change our habits without knowing our level of mental state. The writer Stephen Covey writes, “Proactive people aren’t pushy. They’re smart, they’re value driven, they read reality, and they know what needed”. He also explains in his series of habits that without knowing self- awareness a leader cannot be foresighted and visionary. Covey expressed many pragmatic thoughts in his book.

I believe that the leadership vision comes from passion and it’s driven by the level of self-awareness. In another words, vision is an output of passion and self- awareness.

My personal vision is ‘To Be a Role Model for Future Generation’ why I chose this vision because when I was small, I was discriminated from my parents and society due to traditional thinking so that I have a passion to do something for empowering social and economic awareness through my field. I love to serve people through my work. However, my  social background, and culture effects my external and internal leadership style although I am also aware that I’ll observe the social awareness and follow the great leadership model to evolve my own leadership vision and style to lead the society.

Furthermore, I would like to adopt Charismatic Leadership to spread my enthusiasm and inspiration towards the people.

Reviewed by  Sepeedeh Hashemian