“Selma” – let the Box Office talk

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“Selma” – let the Box Office talk

My Storified thoughts on “Selma”, the movie

For the full story visit the “Selma – Let the Box Office talk” link in Storify. 

What is the success of any movie? There could be dozens of answers. For me the only one is true and proper – the Box Office Gross. “Selma” brought $633,173 (USA) to the producers in the opening weekend. Here is the chart of America’s interest towards the current movies in figures, in money! Selma was the 8th last week and moved to the 11th this week.
Thumbnail for Selma (2014) - Box Office Mojo

Selma summary of box office results, charts and release information.

Anyhow, the original story and the screenplay made a huge interest in Hollywood. One of the reasons, of course, was the Ferguson case that shacked the American society. The cast for this film included Hugh Jackman as Sheriff Jim Clark, Liam Neeson portraying Lyndon Johnson, Robert De Niro attached to star as segregationist governor George Wallace. David Oyelowo played as Martin Luther King Jr. and was the only actor in the previous selections that Ava DuVernay kept in the film when she took over as director. She got the first criticism on historical accuracy.

Truth takes a back seat in another historical movie

Thumbnail for Truth takes a back seat in another historical movie

As the uproar died down over the Hollywood comedy that depicted the fictitious assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, another movie came under fire for taking liberties with the truth. The film in question, “Selma,” seemed to some critics to characterize the late President Lyndon.

Selma director fights back against Lyndon B Johnson controversy

Thumbnail for Selma director fights back against Lyndon B Johnson controversy

The director of Oscar-tipped civil-rights drama Selma has mounted a fierce defence of the film’s historical credibility following complaints from an aide to former US president Lyndon B Johnson. Ava DuVernay, whose film was nominated for four Golden Globe awards earlier this month, was criticised in a Washington Post opinion piece by Johnson’s top domestic adviser, Joseph A Califano Jr.

I would describe “Selma” as an inspirational movie where some detailed moments of history are described gorgeously. These were historical times when every ordinary person could become a hero within a second. These simple but important seconds exist in this movie. Here is my beloved one.

One fact struck me while observing the directing style of Ava DuVernay. Those who were attentive while watching the movie, could notice that Martin Luther King Jr. used other words than his original speech had. The reason is that another studio purchased rights of the real speeches. So, she wrote new variations of them; but even in that case the speeches inspired a lot of people.

The total Gross of “Selma” is $43,578,000 (Estimate) already. According to the producers the overall budget was $20,000,000. In this case the Box Office figures tell much more than the other reactions, as I told before. As a P.S. I just share the great historical photo of “Selma” times. By the way “Selma” is being screened for free at the Selma Walton Theater in Selma, Alabama.

RT @diversitymtrs: @Tolerance_org #Selma: Bridge to the Ballot 50 yrs ago today, MLK & 500 students arrested in Selma http://t.co/bGRxfZswar
500 students arrested in Selma 50 years ago, Photo from pic.twitter.com/bGRxfZswar

By Armen Sargsyan, Edited by Tamara Kraus


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4 Comments on ““Selma” – let the Box Office talk”

  1. I applaud the movie for doing so well, and the timing of its release could not have been more perfect. Great comments, but I disagree with your statement that anyone could have been a hero. I think it was harder then than it is now to gain followers and convey a message to the entire country. Martin Luther King, Jr. was unique, courageous and successful in a time when I think many others couldn’t be.

  2. I think oftentimes historical fiction films come under fire who expected a documentary. The film was inspiring, made a difference and told the story of the unfair treatment of the civil rights movement. While it may not be entirely accurate in each word or encounter, if viewers leave the theatre with more respect for Dr. King and the African-American’s who fought for their rights, the film did its job.

  3. You bring up good points, often times historical movies do not necessarily have every detail quite right, people always complain when movie producers take liberties to make movies more compelling or interesting to viewers. One thing viewers have to understand, like you mention is that rights for parts of historical event are often hard to purchase. I also loved that you incorporated Storify into your blog post!

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