Managing energy, not time

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Zen Polar Bear, photo credit: Deanna Alejandra Dent
Zen Polar Bear, photo credit: Deanna Alejandra Dent


Time is constant. No matter how many projects you take on, meetings you schedule, or deadlines you assign, there will always be 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, and 8,765.81 hours in a year. Time doesn’t stretch to meet our professional and personal commitments.

I have worked all my life, even when I was a schoolgirl we used to work in a collective farm to pick up potatoes or do other work to help farmers. This was a part of being a schoolgirl during soviet period in my home country. Then, my parents also had a summer cottage and I had to work there as well, it was a normal and routine part of my summers. Working and being involved with adult’s way of life was a part of my becoming who I am today.

I remember myself working while I went to University and when I rose my son. I have always had a supportive family around me, especially my mother who was always there for me. My priority was to share my time equally between work, dear ones and hobbies. I was not always successful, I failed a lot and the ones who suffered were my son and my partner of life. I could not manage my energy, I was too dedicated to work assignments and often forgot about my most important – my family.

Today I am more experienced sharing my time and setting priorities in order, I am more aware of the fact that we can not worry about the things we can not change and our main focus should be at the present time. Every day is a precious and being present is so important! And sometimes when things are over our heads,  we need to stop for a moment and do nothing, relax and take it is easy!

I have had a lot of luck to be surrounded by friendly and positive people and do lot of funny things in my life. Setting priorites and managing my energy have become important to me. One thing I keep in mind is to stay off boredom and celebrate every great success, be spontaneous and flexible!

Reviewed by Alexis Macklin

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  1. Dear Krista, you’re a real life example of what a good life / work balance means. You’re always very well organized and you also manage to have fun. Chapeau!

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