Reflecting on the Humphrey Seminar

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Before signing up for the Humphrey Seminar, Dr. Bill asked us to explain why we wanted to take the class and spend the semester with the Humphrey Fellows. I sent this paragraph to him:

I’m interested in this class because it’s unique. Most of my classes are about creating personal projects and videos, so the opportunity to collaborate and learn from peers and professionals excites me. I’ve learned so many technical skills, but I believe that assignments, such as the elevator pitch on your syllabus and discussions on working with others, are just as important as the writing and videography skills I’ve acquired. I’m intrigued by learning from well-traveled and experienced journalists like yourself, the Humphrey Fellows and guest speakers.  And (based on the past syllabus I read), the class seems to focus on leadership and teamwork skills. As a journalist, it’s important to be cultured and understand the backgrounds and ideas of the people with whom I’m working. Building leadership and teamwork skills are also important to me because I aspire to be a television news director. I’m excited about the opportunity to partake in this discussion of culture, teamwork and leadership.

Now, as the semester ends, I am glad to have taken the Humphrey Seminar, and I have gained even more from the class than I expected. The fellows have taught me about their home countries, their professions, their experiences in the U.S. and Arizona, and what they’ve learned about leadership and teamwork. Dr. Bill and our guest speakers have also provided immense insight in journalism and leadership skills. My favorite guest speaker was Kate O’Brien. As an aspiring television news manager, it was really great to meet the president of a network news station. Her entrepreneurial spirit and strong leadership of such a well-respected news organization impressed me.

The knowledge and connections I have gained through this seminar will undoubtedly benefit me throughout my career. Thank you to my teacher, our guest speakers, the attaches, and of course, the fellows who I hope to be visiting in their home countries in the near future!

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  1. It is gratifying to read your reflections and to learn that the experience of being in the Humphrey class has helped you grow as a journalist. I am glad to have played a small part in that. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

  2. I agree Audrey, we have all gained so much knowledge from this class. It was wonderful to get to know the fellows and have such inspiring guest speakers!

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